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We are currently competing with the National Gymnastics Association.  

This competitive program offers an all optional progam with different skill and level requirements for each of the ten skill levels.
 The program is designed to combine all levels of competitive gymnastics into one program.
From Beginner Skill Level 1 to College Bound Skill Level 10

NGA Mission Statement:
To provide a fun and affordable competitive gymnastics program that allows children of all ages and levels to achieve their own personal goals.

We believe that NGA's Mission statement is more in line with Alley Oop's which is:
 To train competitive gymnastics in a fun, safe, nurturing and rewarding environment and for athletes to have a healthy experience in both overcoming challenges and learning from coping with obstacles.

Values that Alley Oop's Gymnastics Elite Team strives to instill in our team gymnasts:

Respect:  To have respect for danger, their teammates, judges, coaches and facility
Integrity:  To tell the truth, are fair to others and do what they know to be right
Responsibility:  To give their best effort - even on tough days
Accountability:  To accept responsibility for how they conduct themselves
Self-Motivation:  To know what needs to be done to achieve their goals and they do it
Self-Discipline:  To develop the ability to conquer their fears and overcome obstacles
Dedication:  To stay focused on their goals and remember why they do this sport
Time Management:  To understand that time is a valuable commodity and use it well
Work Ethic:  To put in the hard work each and every day to build their success
Competitive:  To learn how to strive for perfection and focus on details
Sportsmanship:  To win with compassion and lose with grace
Role-Model:  To always set a good example by what they say and do

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