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Preschool Gymnastics Classes


This program will aid in the development of various motor and sensory areas. It is a great way to introduce young children into a learning environment and . . . it's FUN!

Because of the pandemic, our preschool classes are 25 minutes in length. 

The children will be jumping, swinging, climbing and tumbling throughout the class. A developed skill progression system is used to teach gymnastics skills as well as coordination, spatial awareness and agility

We also offer Parent and Tot Classes (18 months to 3 years) that are 25 minutes in length in the big gym.  We help the parent and child work together in a playful, fun atmosphere to develop the child's hand-eye coordination, body awareness, build strength, agility and flexibility while learning basic gymnastics skills.  We incorporate music, games, and themed props to create an enjoyable expereince for both parent and child.  We ask that the parents help us with social distancing.  All adults and children 3 yrs and up are required to wear a face mask.

 Scroll down to see our class schedule.

18 months - 3 yr old - $45/month3 yr old classes - $51/month   4/5 yr old - $61/month
There is a $10 Administration Fee when you first sign up.

Indoor Playground

Indoor Playground is offered at this time.  Fridays 10 am.  Current students only.

You can also bring your 3-5 yr olds to Open Gym on Saturdays from 12:30-2:00 pm

The cost is $13 per child.  Remember to register in advance, the day before.  No drop-ins allowed.

Remember, if you are bringing a friend's child, they will need to have a release signed by their parent. Download one HERE.

Why Preschool Gymnastics at AOGC?

  1. It’s FUN! Your child loves to move. Moving, running, exploring and learning are all just natural to him/her. We want to keep that thought foremost in his/her mind. By having different shapes of mats (hills, mailbox, barrels) and scaled down real gymnastics equipment (low balance beams, single rail bar, preschool level vault board) we can provide your child with real gymnastic learning and barrels of fun.

  2. It’s a LEARNING EXPERIENCE! Research has proven over and over again how exercise, musical interpretation, and fun can aid in reading readiness and increased spatial reasoning (the ability to detect patterns among objects, which is critical in math and science).

    1. Hand-eye coordination
    2. Spatial awareness
    3. Ocular pursuit (tracking)
    4. Directionality and Laterality
    5. Motor coordination
    6. Balance
    7. Agility and Poise

  4. Our facility is STATE OF THE ART. We have a special room for our Preschool Gymnastics Program that has a spring floor, mirrors and small scale equipment for all events. The preschool classes have access to our 10,000+ square foot gym with a 50 foot trampoline (TumblTrak), a rectangular trampoline and foam training pits.  DUE TO COVID REGULATIONS OUR PITS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED.  We will hopefully have our special preschool room opened again by May.

  5. You make NEW FRIENDS. Where’s a better place than Alley Oop Gymnastics Center to meet new friends for children and parents alike? Parents who care enough to give their children the Alley Oop Gymnastics Program are the type of people you’d want to be with!

  6. Our staff is  EXPERIENCED, FRIENDLY and most are SAFETY CERTIFIED. Alley Oop’s Staff prides themselves in their credentials. Many of the preschool gymnastics staff is Safety Certified, CPR, First Aid and KAT (USAG certification program specific to preschool gymnastics) Certified. In addition to those certifications, many staff members have years of experience. This year’s staff of 10 teachers has 78 years of combined experience in teaching children and running a gymnastics’ business AND you won’t find a bunch of friendlier people!

Every month the young gymnasts will "show off" the skills they have learned.  This is the day to bring your cameras and lots of applause!

Preschool Gymnastics
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