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Come Practice your skills at Open Gym!

Indoor Playground is BACK! Fridays 10 am.

The big gym is open to explore by our guests that are under the age of 6 years.  

An adult must accompany the child - no more than 3 children per adult please. If your child will be coming with someone else, please download and sign the Indoor Playground Relelease on our Forms page or click here and send with your child. You can also pick up these forms at the gym.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, children over the age of 3 and all adults MUST wear a mask at all times and the foam pits are closed.
You must sign up in the Customer Portal by noon the day before.  You and your preschooler may also attend our Open Gym at a rate of $13/child.
You must pre-register by NOON the day before.  NO Drop-ins.  Use the parent portal.

$13 per child at Open Gym

Just a reminder: We no longer accept checks for Indoor Playground admission. We do accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards and cash. Thank you!

You must sign up for Open Gym in advance, online (online registration price $20)! Just go to our Calendar and click on the Event Registration at the top of the page. It's that easy!  Or just log in to your customer portal to sign up.  EVERY participant MUST wear a mask (children and adults).  Temperatures will be taken as you enter the facility.  Please click on the COVID Response tab for further information.  Also due to regulations - all of our foam pits are closed.

For ALL Opens Gyms, you must have your legal guardian sign you in if you are under 18 yrs old. If your child will be dropped off or picked up by someone other than their legal guardian, please download the release on our forms page or click HERE and bring it (signed) with them.  You can also pick up these forms at the gym.

We encourage you to sign up for Open Gym early online (by Noon on Friday)!   No Drop-Ins are currently allowed.  There are a limited number of slots.  Click on Event Registration

Saturday Afternoons: Open Gym 12:30-2:00 pm

(school aged kids, 5 - 11 are welcome)

(3 and 4 yr olds must be accompanied by a parent)

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$20 (You MUST register by NOON on Friday.  NO Drop-ins will be allowed.)

Join us for a fun time at Open Gym! There is plenty of space for everyone!

Just a reminder: We no longer accept checks for Open Gym. We do however accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards and cash. Thanks!

As a reminder: Make up slips from class can be used for Open Gym or Indoor Playground admission as long as you are currently enrolled in class.

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