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Team Programs

Home of the 2015 Washington State Level 8 VAULT Champion - Emily Lackey!

Level 2 Team (Similar to T Ball in Little League)

Level 2 Team is for gymnasts at least 5 years old.

These gymnasts should be Silver skilled or above and currently in class at Alley Oop Gymnastics Center. The girls must have a desire to learn routines and compete them at an entry level. All Level 2 gymnasts learn the same routines and they compete on all four Olympic Events (vault, bars, beam, floor).

There are approximately four scheduled meets in the spring, with every competitor receiving a ribbon for each event and a medal for the all around. Gymnasts in this group work hard in practice to perfect their skills and routines. In competition, the gymnasts perform their routines with confidence and grace.

Level 3 through 6 Compulsory Gymnastics - USA Gymnastics JO Program

The Compulsory Team (levels 3 - 6) is an introductory level of competitive gymnastics that focuses on the basics and proper progression and preparation for the more advanced levels.

All participants perform the same routines that are provided by USA Gymnastics. The routines start at a value rating of 10 and deductions are applied for faults in the routine which then make up the athlete's event score. These girls have a strong work ethic during practice and a desire to perform their routines in competition to their fullest ability.

Level 7 and above Optional Gymnastics - USA Gymnastics JO Program

The Optional Level (levels 7 - 10) allows coaches and athletes more freedom in the areas of skills performed, music and choreography selection, and individual skill development direction. The start values of the routines performed are set according to the particular routine requirements and how they are being met.

Xcel Competition Gymnastics Competition in a less committed situation (time and financially)

The XcelTeam is a new competitive program that we are offering! It allows for a more relaxed competition venue. Gymnasts compete individual routines that are comprised of required elements. There are currently five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Typically meets are held on the weekend and most are located somewhere along the I-5 corridor.

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