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"Alley Oop is a great place for kids.  One of my daughters attends classes and one daughter is on the team.  They are both really happy to go, have a good time and I am confident about their safety while they are there.  We have attended a lot of birthday parties, they are really fun.  They party room is lovely.  The coaching staff is wonderful.  They don't let kids do things that could cause injury to themselves or others.  I appreciate that.  The office staff is also wonderful.  They go above and beyond to help with any questions, billing etc." -Amanda M.  

"My daughter has been going to Alley Oop for almost a year now. She loves the gym and her coaches. The staff are always very friendly when I interact w/them and convey information quickly. I enjoy the updates they give parents on a regular basis. I'm excited for my daughter to continue moving up in this gym." -Natasha H.

"I have had 3 kids participate in gymnastics here. My almost 6 year old is getting ready to start her 3rd year and we love Alley Oop!!  We've seen my daughter's confidence and concentration in class improve. They let kids be kids and also give them the loving structure to help them develop that important internal self-discipline, and of course have fun and celebrate each new accomplishment.  Highly recommended."  -Tiffani F. 

"Our daughter is 5 and she can be shy. Her teacher at Alley Oop provides structure during the class and works with each child to ensure that they learn the movements and none of the children are forgotten about. At the end of class the children are given stickers with the names of the activities performed - she's so proud of her stickers! She practices the techniques when she gets home and looks forward to the next class. We are so happy with Alley Oop!" -Aubrina C.

"My children really love Alley Oop!! Each child works within their own path and skill set, so it keeps everyone learning at all times! My children also love the stickers and medals when they have mastered a skill or a level of gymnastics. There are several classes going at once, so all 3 of my children are in separate classes at the same time!! Yay, Alley Oop, bravo!!" -Amanda P.

"My two daughters been attending Alley Oop for 6 years, and we've always enjoyed the classes, events, coaches and I love the staff (Kim should not allowed to quit-- ever. Sorry, Kim. ;) Everyone is always very professional, and my girls think missing a class is the end of the world. That's the highest praise. Four and a half stars, but I was only allowed four." -Sarah B.

"My daughter has been going to Alley Oop for a year now and loves it. She gets great exercise and is learning a new sport that she really loves. She loves seeing the work of the teams and strives to become that disciplined. Her coaches and all of the staff are very nice and supportive. I am happy with the gym as is my daughter." -Tru H.

"This place has the best teachers and staff I could ever ask for for my child!! The preschool gymnastics program is the absolute best and my daughter looks forward to it every week!! This place is the most wonderful place and i highly recommend it!!!" -Shelby R.

"Great place!  My son loves the Ninja Zone Program and Open Gym. Great place to get some energy out!" -Alana S.

"Alley Oop is a great gymnastics center.  My son does the recreational Gymnastics and loves it.  There is a broad range of devices and stations, all the instructors do a fantastic job of encouraging the boys and keeping things fun, and the program is straight forward and easy to follow.  I highly recommend it." -Curt S.

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